Liubov Nizhegorodova is an artist and art teacher, artists trade union of Zelenograd.

I prefer figurative painting. I prefer clear and bright local color dabs. I like such themes that make the audience a bit happier and kinder.
I call my works SNAPSHOTS OF HAPPINESS. I am happy and I want to share this feeling with all of you through my paintings.
I love to work with large canvases, because it gives the viewer an opportunity to plunge into the picture and happiness.

I call my works Snapshots of happiness...


My way

As a child I lived in Votkinsk, a place where Tchaikovsky, a famous russian composer, was born. There I began to draw in a children's art school and fell in love with classical music. I annually attended musical festivals.
I finished the department of art and graphic design at a Moscow University.
Some years ago I founded an art school, where I teach painting, drawing and art history.

I hold art workshops every weekend.

I have three children of my own, and that is certainly reflected in my works: maternity, love, music, and dreams.

That is all about my life!